Conspiracy competitors

Recently I saw the first episode of the latest season of X-Files. They blamed their government to be ill-disposed against their own people. As examples they mentioned the Tuskegee syphilis experiment and Henrietta Lacks (Here is a link to the transcript). I did not know about the syphilis experiments but I read a book about the latter.

Henrietta Lacks is the donor of the first cancer cell line called HeLa, which could grow and divide outside of a human body in cell culture medium. This was the start of a new era in cancer research, because the effects of cancer drugs on human cancer cells could be tested in a petri dish. They didn’t ask for Henrietta’s or her relatives permission to take her cells and didn’t inform her family well about the detailed circumstances. Henrietta died but her family believed she became a kind of zombie, because a small part of her, the cells in culture, was still alive. You can still purchase these cells here.

If you read some of my blog posts and in particular my blog title you might get the impression I believe in a bigger plan behind the conspiracy I am writing about. I strongly reject that, but I do believe that main drivers of conspiracy, the effects of capitalism and neo-liberalism are not good for average people. Like during all times of human history a few win and the majority loose until the next revolution, when people request their share of wealth.

However, my tiny blog is not changing much. Currently I have about 400 readers per month. Other pages on the net with similar goals are more powerful and influential. For a moment, I would like to refer to these well written news-sites, the professional blog pages and my conspiracy blog as “us”.

The parties in this fight

There is no doubt that some of our critical statements are not well taken by some parties. The US and other governments, large corporations in general and specific companies in particular are frequent targets of our critics. Of course we are the opponents.

The weapons

How are the recipients fight against these attacks? Since this is an information war, it’s all about the public image and opinion. I would like to stress a citation of Mahatma Gandhi: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Let’s focus on steps one to three, because the outcome is fairly unclear.

The strategy

Ignoring the drone papers and trying to to sweep the NSA affair under the carpet belongs to step one (they ignore you), X-files is the proof, that we are already at least in step two (they laugh at you) of the battle against us. The production company Twenty Century Fox (Rupert Murdoch) is surely a big player in the American entertainment business. They produced and published X-Files by making a joke about us. Exposing conspiracy became entertainment. The connections X-Files make in this TV format have some references to the real world but are ridiculous, unrealistic, and are surely no reason for concerns. X-files is a cartoon magazine.

Perhaps we already reached step three (they fight you) because they try to undermine our serious concerns and make a fool out of us by damaging the public image of conspiracy warnings in an entertainment program called X-Files.

The outcome

In X-Files we have a serious competitor with a huge public attention and audience. It’s a only tiny needle, which fulfills people’s need for a dose of conspiracy. We did not even get a glimpse idea of the real power of our competitor.

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